Community Participation

We are proud to partner with a number of community groups and organisations

Professional Associations

David Caple has been on the Executive Committee of the International Ergonomics Association 2003 to 2012.  During this time, he has been the President and Chair of various committees.  This involves a voluntary contribution up to 20 hours per week. Most of these trips are self funded.

David is one of two independents appointed by the Minister for WorkCover to represent the OHS industry on the Government’s OH & S Advisory Committee. This voluntary role involves over viewing the programs undertaken by the Government and to liaise with the employer associations, unions and government advisors.

David has also been the independent member of the judging panel for the OH & S Annual Awards in Victoria.  He has been invited on an annual basis to be a member since 2004.

Supporting of Local Community and Charities

Each year the company is a sponsor of the Rotary Art Show in Ivanhoe and donates funding for a prize to promote artists in the local community.

The company is also a sponsor for the Northern Metropolitan Institute of TAFE and their student work in product design. This also involves judging and the awarding of prizes.

David has often been asked to provide pro bono services or minimal costs services to charitable organisations. These projects may take the form of small consultancies, briefings and training programs, or guest speaking at their functions. Much of this work has involved liaison through the Uniting Church and affiliated groups with the Catholic Church.

David is an Adjunct Professor at Latrobe University. This involves a small amount of paid work in lecturing at the University, but also mentoring work with their students. This includes hosting the students on work experience programs and involving them in project work to gain knowledge of the work undertaken, particularly in the area of ergonomics.

Our company has also hosted two English researchers in ergonomics for periods up to 3 months at a time. These are university staff on sabbatical leave. This also occurred with an academic from Latrobe University.

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