Health and Safety Consulting Services

For over 35 years we have provided consulting, training, research and
legal services to clients across the globe.

David Caple & Associates

Our company was established in 1983 as one of the first independent management consulting groups in Australia, specialising in Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety.

Since 1983 we have provided consulting, training, research and legal services to clients in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, America, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and the European Union.

Our services


We provide a range of services to support the business and project needs of Government, industry groups and multi-site organisations.

Our expert team is made up of professionals with experience across a variety of industries.


Stratergy, planning, development and review


Reporting for legal firms involved in work health and safety litigation


Management and operator training programs


Industry & issue based research relating to targeted WHS issues

Overseas Projects

Research, testimony and presentation to overseas legislation projects

Health and Safety Consulting

Our company specialises in a collaborative approach with our clients to ensure that their needs are clearly defined and the outcomes are achieved. We specialise in tripartite projects.

These involve consulting with the employer, union and the government representatives to ensure relevant and sustainable outcomes are achieved.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our consultants provide quality, client focused, client driven consulting services in all areas of Occupational Health and Safety.

Our role is to enable management to develop creative and appropriate solutions to prevent or better manage occupational health and safety problems in a cost efficient manner.

Our Clients

Government Departments